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FUTA students filmed brutalizing 100 level female student.(videos)

‘School father ‘and ‘school daughter ‘ adebola and faith oluwadare who led the violent brutality of a female 100 level student in FUTA

Four students of the federal university of technology Akure (FUTA) were filmed brutalizing a fellow student said to be in 100 level.

The incident began when some female students students tricked the victim to their room, where they proceeded to accuse her of spreading gossips of murder and prostitution against them.

During the altercation that ensued a young man who is “school father” of one of the girls stepped and took the lead in brutalizing the victim, he can be seen slapping, punching and whipping the victim while the others violently attacked her with sticks and broom.

See the videos below :

The beating was uploaded to twitter by the person behind the camera but unfortunately for them it caused an outrage such that fellow students started hunting for the culprits.

It was only the swift action of the school police that saved the so called “school daughter” oluwadare faith from being mobbed as they wisked her away to the school police post.

See more videos below:

The Dean of the school has gotten involed and promised that all the culpirts will be rusticated from the school included the person behind the camera.

Social media is currently agog with this news, your thoughts, should the camera person also be rusticated?

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